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Bloons 2

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Developed By: Ninja Kiwi

Category: Puzzles

Game Features: Leaderboards, MochiCoins

Tags: super monkey ninjakiwi balloon dart puzzles adventure ninja bloons awesome


Bloons 2 is here! A worthy and awesome sequel at last to our original Bloons game.

Additional Info

  • Dart Guidline

    See exactly where your throw will go with a guideline that adjusts as you change your aim and power. Especially effective when using maximum power.

  • Bloons 2 Super Mega Jumbo Pack

    Want it all!? This pack has everything: all level unlocks, all level solutions and unlimited Super Monkeys (for any time you feel the need). Also includes access to the Bloons 2 Level Builder on its release! The best choice for all true Bloons fans!

  • Unlock All Levels

    Just like a backstage pass for monkeys, this grants access to all levels in the game, even the secret levels. As an added bonus, this also gets you the Bloons 2 Level Editor.

  • Level Solution

    So you think a level is impossible? Purchase the solution to see how it's done. Once activated on a level, you can see the solution for that level as many times as you want. Get 3 solutions for one low price.

  • Level Solution Bonus Pack

    24 level solutions for the price of 15! Enough to help you through 2 full zones. We won't tell anyone you peeked.

  • The Complete Level Solution Set

    How on earth did they do that? Purchasing The Complete Level Solution Set will allow you to view solutions for all levels in Bloons 2! This even includes all user generated levels. So what are you waiting for?

  • Super Monkey

    Stuck on a level? Maybe you just want to mercilessly destroy a particularly aggravating level? Use Super Monkey's lasers to melt through blocks and Bloons like a hot knife through butter. Guaranteed to get you past any level, no matter how difficult it is. (3 in a pack for a limited time)

  • Super Monkey Mega Pack

    Fifty Super Monkeys at a ridiculously discounted price!

  • Infinite Super Monkeys

    Have unlimited level passing power at your finger tips, with unlimited Super Monkeys!

  • Bloons 2 Level Builder

    Even more functionality than the original Bloons Editor - all the new Bloons, new block types, and finer placement grid. Go forth and build! GAIN FREE ACCESS TO THE LEVEL BUILDER BY COMPLETING BLOONS 2!!

Mouse to aim, click and hold to shoot.

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