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Bob & Sam in Egypt

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Developed By: OnlyJoe

Category: Puzzles

Game Features: Leaderboards, MochiCoins

Tags: gems balls group sam color big puzzle fast strategy puzzles


A very addictive game with many levels. Simply click on groups of matching colors to remove them. Every level offers a new and exciting challenge. Complete all the levels to return the gold to the pyramids.

Additional Info

  • BRONZE 130,000 points
  • SILVER 180,000 points
  • GOLD 210,000 points

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  • Special Bomb

    Use this bonus to destroy all the items on the board and complete the level. Useful for those really hard levels that you can't seem to get past.

  • 10x Shuffle Bonus

    10 Shuffle Bonuses. When there are no moves left you can shuffle the board to try and get some new moves. To use the bonus click on it at any time.

  • 10x Remove Cage Bonus

    10 Remove cage bonuses. This item will remove the cage for 15 seconds, allowing you to click anywhere. To use the bonus click on it at any time.

  • 10x Time Bonuses

    10 time bonus. Each bonus will add 30 seconds to the time of the level you use it in. To use bonuses just click on them.

Click on groups of the same color, this will destroy them, and make the squares behind them turn gold. Turn all the squares gold to complete the level.

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