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Developed By: Ninja Kiwi

Category: Shooting

Game Features: Leaderboards, MochiCoins

Tags: shoot 1st person shooter first person counter gun first rifle countersnipe game


In the world of the Sniper there are rarely any second chances. Find and neutralise the enemy sniper before he gets you. Earn cash to upgrade and expand your inventory. Single player mode coaches you and refines your skill. Multi-player is where those skills are really put to the test.

Additional Info

  • BRONZE 1,000 points
  • SILVER 2,000 points
  • GOLD 3,000 points
  • BRONZE 1,000 points
  • SILVER 2,000 points
  • GOLD 5,000 points
  • KSVK 12.7 Custom

    The immensely powerful KSVK experimental large caliber anti material rifle was originally designed to eliminate targets hidden behind hard cover. This custom model has an additional built in tactical computer which minimises sway and recoil, and increases accuracy.

  • FN SCAR-H LB And Attachments

    This fully automatic battle rifle is less about one-hit-one-kill, and more about spray and pray. It has hardly any sway however, and is deadly accurate once you can tame the recoil.

  • CheyTac M200 Intervention And Attachments

    The M200 is a specialist long range sniper system that has incredible zoom and stopping power - if you can control the sway.

  • All Guns And Upgrades

    You have links to a well connected arms dealer and he will supply you with all the firearms and accessories a sniper would ever need. Includes the premium -purchase only KSVK.

  • Cash Injection

    $50,000, tax free

Mouse to scroll, left click to shoot. Space bar to look down the scope.

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