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Scrap Metal Heroes

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Developed By: SamRaski

Category: Strategy

Game Features: MochiCoins

Tags: building customize make robot construct strategy battle build action creative


Customize your very own robot army and rise to become world champion! Build battle robots out of nearly 200 different parts, and then take your creations into real-time combat against a variety of devious opponents and challenging missions.

Additional Info

  • Talos Expansion

    Join Kazumi Enterprises in an all new story that will take you from the depths of the sea into outer space. Embark on 15 all new missions and discover 30 of the most powerful robot parts known to man.

  • Contract: Military Uprising

    Unlocks the 'Survival - Military Uprising' mission.

  • Contract: Mine Uprising

    Unlocks the 'Survival - Mine Uprising' mission.

  • Store Unlocker

    Unlocks all league market parts, making them available for purchase. This includes all main campaign and Talos Expansion parts.

  • Credit Chip

    Adds $200,000 to your balance.

  • Assault Optimizer Pack

    A pack of 20 assault optimizers, devices that can greatly enhance the power of any robotic weapon through a mysterious optimization process. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Atomic Harmonizer Pack

    A pack of 20 atomic harmonizers, devices capable of rearranging the atoms of a robot into a harmonic structure that is far more durable than normal. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Stasis Device Pack

    A pack 20 stasis devices, machines capable of generating massive stasis pulses that impede the movement of all robots on the battlefield. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Remote Shielder Pack

    A pack of 20 remote shielders, devices able to create impenetrable shields around your robots. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Nanite Blaster Pack

    A pack of 20 nanite blasters, devices firing massive blasts of short-lived nanites that can repair any damage in less than a second. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Armageddon Barrage Pack

    A pack of 20 armageddon barrages, the ultimate weapon of war, only to be called upon in the most dire emergencies. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Devastator Missile Pack

    A pack of 20 devastator missiles, a deadly weapon normally used in air strikes against bridges and bunkers. This item can also be dropped in-game.

  • Samurai Swords

    Inspired by the most legendary of all medieval weapons, these modern incarnations come equipped with edges forged out of pure diamond.

  • Steel Boy

    Behind these blue eyes lies the robotic mind of a true scrap metal hero.

  • Robo Santa

    Originally used to spread holiday joy to robot assembly line workers. Now they bring the spirit of the season to the arena, providing gifts equally to both sides.

  • Skull Head

    A ghoulish device that thrives on the rusted remains of fallen robots. It will quickly ingest any bit of scrap and use it to rebuild itself.

  • Spartan Head

    With combat protocols based on centuries of ancient Spartan military doctrine, it will take far fewer than 300 of these to hold back any enemy.

  • Great Oculus

    This giant eye-like camera has the resolution and visual processing necessary to discern the subtlest of details.

  • Kamikaze Core

    Packed with high explosives, this self-destructive core will make any opponent think twice before engaging in close combat.

  • Optima Head

    A beautifully optimized design from the brilliant physicist Max Mobius. With its state-of-the-art sensors, no robot can hide from its gaze.

  • Anti-Gravity Device

    Emitting a steady stream of anti-gravitons, this remarkable device will halve the weight of all parts on your robot.

Battle Instructions:

- Select a robot by either clicking on its icon, or by pressing the number key assigned to it.

- Click on a lane button (arrow buttons along left edge) to build the selected robot.

- You can also use items in battle. Simply select an item and click on the battlefield to do so. Each item can only be used once.

- The scrap resource cost of each robot is shown on their icons. Your current stockpile of scrap is shown at the top of the screen. The scrap income rate slowly increases during a battle, and you can gain more scrap by destroying enemy robots. Your maximum scrap capacity is 1000, so make sure to spend it before maxing out.

- Your objective in all league matches is to gain 20 points by crossing the opposite edge with your robots. Many missions have different objectives, and these are explained within the game under 'Robopedia.'

Building, Purchasing and Missions:

- You can modify your robot designs in the Garage. Each robot consists of five different parts, each with various properties that are added together to form your robot's attributes.

- You can have a total of 15 different robot designs saved, but can only take 4 of them into a battle. You can switch between different designs in the office.

- From the office you can challenge Robo League opponents in your quest to become world champion, as well as accept various missions.

- From the store you can purchase new parts and items to further improve your chances. Only a small selection of parts is initially available, and you must complete missions to unlock more.

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