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Shadow Rising Unleashed

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Developed By: Cerebralfix

Category: Action

Game Features: Leaderboards, MochiCoins

Tags: en rpg fighting hack 'n slash other adventure beat'em up action


MochiGames and CerebralFix bring you an updated version of Shadow Rising! To thank all the fans and players of the game, we have unlocked all the upgrade paths so you can experience all the awesome powers in the game! Follow our hero Kai as he fights and slashes his way through hoards of demons in this fantastic side scrolling adventure! Features voice acting, hand painted backgrounds and a very intricate upgrade system! Now with easier enemies and the all new time attack mode!

Additional Info

  • Respec

    Redistribute all the Skill and Attribute points that you have grinded out. With this handy little option you can make different choices and gain access to new skills.

  • Resurrection

    Dead already? Buy this to continue your game. Provides full health and a full rage bar.

  • Power-Up Pack

    For every pack you buy, you will gain 5 levels immediately. Includes 5 skill points and 20 attribute points to distribute as you please!

  • Health Refill

    Restore your health to help defeat the enemy horde.

  • Soul Refill

    Max out your soul bar to be able to cast specials.

  • Shadow Rising Comic

    Learn how Kai became aware of his powers in this wonderfully illustrated comic book.

  • Concept Art

    Grab this pack filled with 30 concept sketches.

  • Shadow Rising OST

    Let the Shadow Rising soundtrack teleport you into the game. 11 tracks in total including 2 bonus tracks remixed by DJ Maestro B.

  • Cutscenes

    Enjoying all the beautiful cutscenes in the game is only one click away.

Use the mouse to move, left mouse button to attack and the keyboard to reach the menus!

Push 'k' to switch to keyboard controls (wasd).

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