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Swordfall: Kingdoms

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Developed By: SamRaski

Category: Strategy

Game Features: MochiCoins

Tags: ancient medieval combat sword strategy battle en historical rts action


The shadow of the sword has fallen across Europe. Ambitious kingdoms are rising and their armies stand ready to take new lands at any cost. To triumph over your many rivals you'll need superior technology, great generals, and experienced soldiers. Combine all this with your own tactical ability and the battlefield will be yours!

Additional Info

  • All Maps Pack

    This pack includes all unlockable maps: Invasion of Britain, Isle of Kings, Hispania, Conquest of Italy, and Storm in the East. It's five maps for the price of four!

  • Storm in the East Map

    Without a doubt, the true superpowers of the world lie in the east. It is here that the fate of the continent will be decided, as the empires of the Turks, Arabs and Byzantines collide. Only time will tell which of these giants will prove triumphant.

  • Conquest of Italy Map

    Since the fall of Rome, many warlords have tried to claim Italy, both for its riches and its historic significance. It now lies in a precarious state, contested by a mix of powerful kingdoms. Which among them will bring peace to this wartorn land?

  • Hispania Map

    Spain stands at a crossroads, its future uncertain. The Moors in the south seek nothing less than dominion over all of Spain, a task they once nearly completed. It will take a strong king to unite the northern kingdoms and drive them out.

  • Isle of Kings Map

    For more than a thousand years the Irish have lived on this isle, reigned over by four proud kingdoms. Now the Vikings have challenged the ancient rights of the kings of Ireland. Who among them will have the strength to unite this land once and for all?

  • Invasion of Britain Map

    The year is 1050 AD and great kings stand ready to lay their claims on the isles of Britain. The stalwart King Edward prepares to defend his throne against the ambitious William of Normandy and Harald Hardrada of Norway.

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