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The Legend of the Golden Robot

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Developed By: BadViking

Category: Adventure

Game Features: MochiCoins

Tags: golden wizard indigo badviking steve en rpg village fight creatures


Take on the role of artefact hunter and all round hero, Indigo Steve, in this epic adventure. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest, and much more.

Additional Info

  • Item Unlock

    Unlocks and buys all the standard items in the game shop.

  • Combo Pack

    All the premium items in one easy to carry bundle. Also includes 1000 XP and 5000 coins.

  • 5000 Coins

    $5000 of in-game currency which can be spent on all sorts of things in the game.

  • 1000 coins

    $1000 of in-game currency which can be spent on all sorts of things in the game.

  • 500 Coins

    $500 of in-game currency which can be spent on all sorts of things in the game.

  • 1000 XP

    XP helps you level up. You unlock various items at different levels.

  • Spadezilla

    The ultimate in digging technology. Spadezilla slices through butter as though it were margarine. Guaranteed to reduce digging times or your money back.

  • Mochi Buddy

    A fire-breathing Mochi-guy to fight by your side in battle! Whoever thought up that idea is a genius!

  • Hot Cake

    They're selling like hot cakes! Great for a bit of a stamina boost/tasty snack mid-battle. Get one while stocks last! Just kidding, it's a virtual item, we don't have actual stocks of hot cakes...

  • Flak Jacket

    A nice bit of body armor, ideal for protecting oneself against bullets and marauding goblin hordes (apparently).

  • Helmet of Power

    A helmet so awesome that it will improve both your attack and defensive abilities.

  • Samurai Sword

    You can't be a true warrior without a Samurai sword, everyone knows that.

  • Trident

    A trident, possibly taken from the cold dead hand of a fallen gladiator, possibly even from the god Neptune himself... or possibly just bought from a toy shop, who can say for sure?

  • Chainsaw

    A chainsaw, need we say more?!

Be sure to read the in-game tips to help you learn the ropes and discover things that you may not have noticed yet.

Visit areas to dig up treasures. Click squares to move to them or click the square you are on to dig in it. When you dig a number will appear in that square indicating how many treasures can be found in adjacent squares. Use this to your advantage to work out where best to dig next.

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